March 12, 2005

Slint Sold Out

Last night, at the long-awaited Slint show at the Great American Music Hall, Joseph asked about seminal shows I've been to. I think that the Gastr del Sol/Unrest/Stereolab show at Metro, apparently the same show that prompted Number One Cup to get together as a band; the 9 AM Shellac show also at Great American, perhaps because their stage presence was so phenomenal; and the BBQ Killers/flat duo jets/Animal Time show that happened at some warehouse in the Strip District after the American Legion closed down (was shut down?). They are all important because they exposed me to different music in a different setting. I've seen lots of great shows. Last night was one of them: Slint, tight as a drum.

Photograph of the Great American Music Hall marquee: Slint Sold Out

Greg has a great write-up from Wednesday. He'll probably post Friday as well.

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